For Big

Kadoua and the Elephants

Movie 2021

Magpies – More Than Black and White

Movie 2021

Die Moldau – der goldene Fluss

Movie 2020

Die Schätze der Moldau

Movie 2020

Africa’s Wild Roommates

Movie 2020

Animal Dress Code – Who is wearing what and why? (WT)

Movie 2018

Vom Woife und dem Wald

Movie 2018

Ian Redmond – Ally of the cave elephants

Movie 2018

Darkwoods – Where Nature Survives

Movie 2018

Circus in the sky – Kites and Harriers

Movie 2017

Cuckoo – The enemy in my nest

Movie 2017

Down to Earth – Flightless Birds

Movie 2016

Keas – New Zealand’s Witty Daredevils

Movie 2015

Beary Tales

Movie 2014

Beak and Brain – Genius Birds from Down Under

Movie 2013

Moksgm’ol – The Quest for the Spirit Bear

Movie 2012

Eagle Country

Movie 2009

Born in Ancient Times – Horses

Movie 2008

Alarm am Panamakanal

Movie 2008

Kuna Yala – Island of Happiness

Movie 2007

Island at the End of the World – Magic Tasmania

Movie 2006

Zeit für Tiere (BR / 30min)

Series 2005–2014

Welt der Tiere (BR / 30min)

Series 2002–2015

Unter unserem Himmel (BR / 45min):

Series 2002–2008

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