Darkwoods – Where Nature Survives

Mount Württemberg is situated in the Black Forest – the Canadian Black Forest. A very special documentary shows how a piece of Germany ended up in Canada and what this has to do with the Württemberg Family, the Clark’s nutcracker and the woodland caribou.

Length52/ 45 min
ScriptAngelika Sigl und Karl Teuschl
DirectionAngelika Sigl, Karl Teuschl
CameraFlorian Graner, Michael Riegler, Jim Bryce, Bryce Comer, Rudi Diesel, Karl Gfroerer, Dietmar Nill, Florian Schulz, Dunja Engelbrecht
CutKatrin Dücker-Eckloff BFS, Sophia von Gaffron
MusicSebastian Parche, Rainer Quade
SpeakerSascha Rotermund

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