Beak and Brain – Genius Birds from Down Under

Keas from New Zealand versus Crows from New Caledonia: Who’s smarter, who’s more skilled and why?

Length45 min
DirectionAngelika Sigl, Volker Arzt
CameraBrian McClatchy, Waldemar Hauschild, Markus von Kleist
CutChristian Scholz
MusicJörg Magnus Pfeil
SpeakerHans-Peter Bögel
AwardsNew York Festivals: Silver World Medal 2015
Naturvision Film Festival: Publikumspreis 2014
Sichuan Festival: Gold Panda Award 2014
Green Screen Festival: Bestes Drehbuch 2014
Envirofilm: Grand Prix of the Festival 2014
Envirofilm: Jugendpreis 2014
Darss Nature Film Festival: Jury’s Special Price 2014

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