Die Schätze der Moldau

The Vltava River meanders through one of the richest cultural landscapes in Europe. From the aquatic forests of the Šumava, along the “Bohemian Sea”, past Prague, to the estuary at Melnik. In its reflection you will find dreamlike landscapes, castles and towns full of history and stories. The Vltava is the national river of the Czechs, immortally set to music by Bedrich Smetana.

Length44 Minuten
ScriptBen Wolter
DirectionBen Wolter
CameraGerald Fritzen, Jens Klingebiel, Matthias Kraus, Ireneusz Dziugiel
CutChristoph Heimerl
SpeakerDaniela Hoffmann, Jens Liedtke, Eva-Sophie Seyfried

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