Ian Redmond – Ally of the cave elephants

Since the 1980ies Ian Redmond explores a very unusual and endangered population of savanna-elephants in Kenia: the animals are frequenting lavatubes at night, where they use their tusks to scrape rocks off the cave walls. 

But in may 2016, Ian gets suddenly attacked by an elephant cow. Ian gets badly injured but survives, yet he can´t stop wondering: why did matriarch elephant „Kali“ attack him?

Length43 min
DirectionBrigitte Kornberger
CameraBrian McClatchy, Robert Sigl
CutChristoph Heimerl
MusicDaniel Vulcano, Alexander Gress
SpeakerAnne Moll, Christian Baumann (Voiceover)

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Vom Woife und dem Wald

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