Magpies – More Than Black and White

Who doesn’t know them, the black and white birds from next door, with the long tail feathers and the perky call. True magpies are found almost everywhere in the world, but they also have lesser-known relatives like the blue magpie. And then there are magpies that are called as such, but aren’t really magpies at all.
The reputation of magpies is rather bad: they are considered thievish and deceitful. In fact, however, the corvids are very clever and curious. Their distinctive appearance and the fact that they often stay close to people have made them part of our culture. And we have attributed a lot to them. What is truth and what is myth?

ScriptRobert Sigl - Angelika Sigl
DirectionRobert SIgl - Angelika Sigl
CameraRobert Sigl - Brian McClatchy - Alberto Redondo - Eric Sick - Marlen Hundertmark - Heribert Schöller - Dietmar Nill
CutChristoph Heimerl - David Gastager
MusicManuel Weber - Benni Freibott
SpeakerCatherine Vogel

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