Burrow Buddies – A European Ground Squirrel Story

Ground Squirrels are small squirrels that need a special environment: a clear view to spot enemies in time, sandy soil to dig their burrows and space for their colonies to grow. These conditions are also important for other creatures and so they share their habitat with field hamsters, warthogs, sawflies and many others. The result is a veritable “Ground Squirrel cosmos”. It is worthwhile to stop stealing the habitat of this community, because it is an enrichment for humans and nature.

Length43:15 min
ScriptAngelika Sigl
DirectionAngelika Sigl
CameraIreneusz Dziugiel, Brian McClatchy, Kerstin Hinze, Jens Klingebiel
CutChristoph Heimerl
MusicJörg Magnus Pfeil, Sigi Müller
SpeakerPetra Konradi

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